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The Chanel Wallet on Chain (WOC) is the most versatile bag in my opinion.  It is my favourite travel companion as it can be worn several ways – crossbody, long/short shoulder bag or clutch.  It fits all of the essentials I need when traveling and can easily be transformed from a day to night bag.  I shall begin with the unboxing of my WOC.



I just noticed that the SA packed the chain strap outside the bag.  I actually keep them in the bag when I store them.  Its a matter of preference I guess but note that storing the strap in the bag may cause dents on the burgundy leather interior.


I adore how puffy the quilts are!


There is a back pocket which I absolutely love and get a lot of use out of.  My transport card, hotel card or entry pass for the place of interest I am visiting usually goes in here for easy access.


There are 6 card slots and 1 large slot which runs across the width of the bag in the main compartment where “MADE IN ITALY” is stamped.  It can be a hassle trying to take the cards out and put them back in when I am out and about, especially when this main compartment contains other items.  As mentioned earlier, the part with the stamp is where the chains may cause dents if you store the chain in the main compartment.  I am not too bothered by it as it is on the inside.


There are 2 a zip closures, one above the CHANEL stamp and the other parallel to the main compartment.  The one above the CHANEL stamp runs through the length of the bag.  I keep my boarding passes or important documents there.  When I am not using my Hermes Bastia Change Purse, I use the zip compartment next to the main compartment for my coins and notes.  There is also a quilted compartment as seen below where I use to keep my receipts.  As I am only 5’1″, the straps are too long for me.  Hence, I cross the straps on the inside of the bag to shorten the straps as shown in the picture below.


Without crossing the straps, the WOC sits too low for me even when I wear it crossbody.


After crossing the straps inside the bag, I can carry it at a comfortable length on my shoulder.


As well as crossbody.


Here are some pictures of my WOC in action taken when I was on holiday.


Pardon the stickers that are still on my Hermes Kelly Double Tour – I wore them almost immediately after I got them in Italy and was still babying it (for quite a while).


Shopping in Milan!


If you are looking for a starter Chanel bag, I would highly recommend the WOC.  It comes in a plethora of leathers (caviar, lambskin and distressed lambskin), amazing Chanel colours, hardware (gold, silver, ruthenium) and designs (boy, chevron, reissue).

So what is usually in my WOC when I am on holiday?


Main Compartment:

Card Slots

  • ID
  • Credit Card
  • Hotel room key

Zip Compartment

  • Cash in the zip compartment

Front Pocket

  • Receipts
  • Maps

Back Half-Moon Pocket

  • Transport card

Hope this was helpful if you were wondering whether the WOC is suitable for you and feel free to post any questions you may have in the comments section below.  Thank you!

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